LineageOS on IPFS

A permanent solution to LineageOS' storage problem.

This website attempts to archive the latest LineageOS build for every devices on IPFS.

You can optionally download a few tools to make your download faster and improve the reliability of the network. Please note that all of this is optional and you can still download content hosted on IPFS without installing anything.

  1. Install IPFS

    This is the command line tool for accessing IPFS. It's very useful if you want to dig deeper into IPFS and necessary if you want to gain advantages of using IPFS over HTTP.

  2. Install IPFS Desktop

    This is a desktop app which automatically spawns an IPFS node for you and help you manage it. If you prefer the command line, you can start your own node with ipfs daemon.

  3. Install IPFS Companion

    This browser extension will redirect your network traffic from HTTP to IPFS, making it faster to download from IPFS. If you don't install it, you can still download what's on IPFS, but you'll need to request your content from a public IPFS node. Luckily, this website exposes a public IPFS node.

  4. Connect to this node's swarm

    ipfs swarm connect /ip6/2604:a880:cad:d0::17:2001/tcp/4001/ipfs/QmUR8d2WLbNcAFRMWn3SMdBRDhJugZUezfwLkDYti3Gc3w
    ipfs swarm connect /ip4/

    This will enable faster discovery of the content of this website from your local node.

  5. Click on a link!

    You can use CTRL + F to find your device faster. Don't know which device is yours? Use Flutter Device Info to find out!

All the sources for this experiment are hosted on GitLab.


If you wish to contribute to this project, there are many ways to help.

  1. Donate storage using IPFS-Cluster

    If you're familiar with IPFS-Cluster, you can donate storage by making your node a part of the cluster.

    1. Change cluster.secret to "".
    2. Add 12D3KooWAG38EVPM1Mrw1YBDe1wuFKS23LiZXq8FGjdypmh6RbgY to consensus.crdt.trusted_peers.
    3. ipfs-cluster-service daemon --upgrade --bootstrap /ip4/ --consensus crdt

    You can join multiple collaborative pinsets by running multiple instances of ipfs-cluster-service using one --config FOLDER each.

  2. Donate

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